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Reliable Environmental Solutions offers the following services with more than 50 years of combined experience:

- Consultation
- Asbestos Inspections and Management Plans
- Project Design
- Asbestos Project Management
- Asbestos Air Monitoring and Analysis
- Lead-Based Paint Services
- Environmental Training Services

Reliable Environmental Solutions has a staff of qualified professionals who serve as an invaluable resource in the ever-changing environmental world. We can provide practical application of the various government regulations and guide our clients from start to finish though the often times overwhelming world of environmental compliance. Our consultation services range from providing compliance assurance through a simple telephone conversation to directing a client through the multi phases of an inspection and abatement project.

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Asbestos Inspections and Management Plans
An inspection is the first step for any building owner to identify locations and quantities of asbestos containing materials throughout the facility. Reliable Environmental Solutions conducts a variety of inspections for compliance based on the client’s needs. The Environmental Protection Agency requires that all buildings must be inspected for asbestos containing materials prior to any renovation or demolition activity. Since there is not a total ban on the use of asbestos containing materials in the United States, this law applies not only to older buildings but newly constructed buildings as well.

Whether a building is being renovated for a different use, updated to meet building codes, or demolished to make way for a new structure, an asbestos inspection must first be conducted to determine the location and quantities of asbestos in the structure. In order to protect the health and safety of the contractors who will be working on the renovation/demolition, the asbestos containing materials identified will be addressed prior to the start of construction activities. Reliable Environmental Solutions can provide complete asbestos inspections of entire structures or limited inspections focusing on only those materials which will be affected during the renovation. We will tailor the inspection to the client’s specific needs and develop a comprehensive report to provide the building owner with the necessary information required to complete the construction project in an environmentally responsible manner.

An asbestos management plan is a document which is developed following the asbestos inspection and used by the client as a guidance tool in the maintenance of the asbestos materials identified during the inspection. Reasonable corrective actions and recommendations are made based on our extensive years of experience. According to the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act, a federal regulation pertaining to asbestos in schools, all school buildings (K-12) must be inspected for asbestos and management plans implemented to protect the health and safety of students and school personnel. All school buildings must be reinspected every three years to document conditions of asbestos containing materials and verify compliance with the federal regulations. Reliable Environmental Solutions can conduct these reinspections and assist school districts with environmental compliance. Although not currently required by law, we can also assist pro-active private building owners in the development and implementation of management plans in public and commercial facilities to protect the health and safety of not only the occupants but also their maintenance personnel.

Our inspectors and management planners have experience dating back to the late 1980s when the AHERA regulations were first developed. They have conducted numerous initial school inspections and assisted countless school superintendents with the implementation of their first asbestos management plans. From there, they have conducted the required six month periodic surveillances and the three year reinspections to keep school districts in regulatory compliance.

In addition to school districts, our inspectors have conducted asbestos inspections for a wide variety of private sector clients ranging from hospitals to commercial property owners to higher education facilities. They have assisted these clients with the development of management plans specific to their particular needs in order to keep them in compliance with all federal, state and local environmental regulations.

Our inspectors and management planners are EPA accredited and IDPH licensed to provide thorough and accurate service to all of our clients.

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Project Design
Project design involves the development of a project manual, contract specifications, technical and bid specifications and drawings for asbestos or lead abatement projects. In Illinois, in order to be a Licensed Asbestos Project Designer, you must first be a Registered Architect, a Licensed Professional Engineer or a Certified Industrial Hygienist. We have a licensed asbestos Project Designer on staff who develops design documents, attends/conducts pre-bid, pre-construction, bid opening and pay/progress meetings, and reviews abatement contractor's submittals and pay requests. We provide personal service to the client during the design phase which is an essential but many times neglected part of a successful design process.

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Asbestos Project Management
Through project management, the client has a trained, competent representative to oversee the project and the abatement contractor. The project manager is present to enforce the current regulations as well as the specification requirements on behalf of the client. Our staff is EPA accredited and IDPH licensed to properly manage projects and act as advocates for our clients while ensuring the project is completed safely and within regulatory compliance.

Asbestos project management is required during the removal of asbestos from any school building (K-12) in Illinois. Asbestos project management is recommended during abatement projects in public and commercial buildings, but is not required. Prudent building owners, however, understand the benefit of having a competent representative on site during the abatement to ensure the health and safety of the building occupants and minimize the liability.

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Asbestos Air Monitoring and Analysis
Air sampling provides tangible proof of airborne asbestos fiber concentrations before, during, and after the project is completed. When conducted accurately, air sampling protects the client by giving actual exposure data for anyone working in the area and the adjacent areas. Our staff is EPA accredited and IDPH licensed to perform air sampling and provide PCM analysis on-site. A phase contract microscope is utilized on projects to provide timely and accurate air sampling results. Our analysts are proficient in the AIHA Proficiency Analytical Testing Program. TEM analysis, a stronger form of magnification, is also available through accredited laboratories.

Air monitoring before, during, and after asbestos abatement projects in school buildings is required in Illinois. In public and commercial buildings, only clearance sampling (sampling after the abatement is completed) is required. However, many public and commercial building owners rely on the assurance that air sampling provides during an abatement project.

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Lead-Based Paint Services
Reliable Environmental Solutions provides trained professionals for lead-based paint projects. Services provided include lead inspections, risk assessments, project management and air monitoring. EPA accredited and IDPH licensed lead inspectors and risk assessors utilize an X-ray Fluorescence Detector (XRF) during inspections to identify surfaces containing lead-based paint.  Utilizing XRF technology allows for results in seconds, eliminating the delays associated with laboratory analysis. Bulk water, dust and soil samples may also be collected and analyzed by an independent, accredited laboratory.

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Environmental Training Services
In order to become an Illinois licensed worker or professional in the asbestos or lead-based paint industries, individuals must first take an initial training course specific to the discipline of interest. Reliable Environmental Solutions has a staff of IDPH approved training instructors who teach detailed courses filled with years of field experience to provide a well-rounded educational experience. Upon completion of the course of choice, the individual must then submit a completed application and fee to IDPH to become licensed. Annual refresher courses are required for all asbestos courses and a refresher course is required every three years for the lead inspector and risk assessor.
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